Best Pre Workout Review : 5 Reasons For Perfection

Product: Prolific Preworkout

Where to Buy: Amazon

Rating: 9.5/10

Product Features and DescriptionPre workout

Prolific Preworkout, specifically the flavor melon berry twist, is my all time favorite preworkout.

Many preworkouts have poor taste and are extremely expensive. However, this is the best tasting preworkout I have ever tried. (Clint with myshakercup says to mix your own, (https://myshakercup.com/homemade-energy-drink) Read below to see what Russell likes

In fact, I continually use it to this day.

When you use prolific preworkout, you will be guaranteed a few things.

  • High Focus Levels
  • Explosive Energy
  • Rigorous Pumps

It also contains key nutrients and many naturally occuring ingredients that promote an effective workout.

Unlike many other pre workouts, prolific avoids using harmful fillers and doesn’t lead to crashing energy levels throughout the day.

I have been using this product for almost two years, at 5 am, and I have yet to find a better product.

Be sure to read the warning labels and if you are a first time user, only pour half a scoop in your cup so you can better judge your tolerance levels.

Who Is it for?

This product is for anyone looking to hit the gym with crazy energy.

If you need preworkout to get your lift going, this is the one for you.

I reccommend this brand as it is a safe alternative to some of the harmful brands out there. This brand is proven safe through the many positive reviews you can find online.

What I like?

As this is my favorite pre workout brand, I like a lot about the product. Here’s 5 reasons to why this brand is so perfect.

  • Focus– In order to have a dialed in lift, you need to be focused. The difference between someone who is focused and not focused in the gym is being able to hit a higher amount of repitions. You need focus on your breathing and mind-muscle connection in order to benefit at the highest level.
  • Energy– I lift every work day at 5 am. When I wake up I am normally exhausted and really have to push myself to even get out of bed. When I use prolific, I recieve such a boost in my energy levels that I can exercise to my full potential. This supplement is no joke. Again, make sure you check your tolerance levels so you don’t over caffeinate yourself.
  • Taste- We have all tried supplements that are just horrible and you have to choke them down. One of my biggest requirements when searching for a supplement is that it must have an okay to decent taste. Not only did I find that with prolific, but it tastes amazing. I enjoy every single drop of this preworkout that I drink. I even drink it when I need to focus on work because it is that good.
  • Pump Formula- Not all preworkouts contain a pump formula. Often, people will have to take a pump formulated supplement on the side. However, prolific fully integrates a preworkout and pump formula into one powder. This not only saves you money, but it is efficient as well.
  • Price- Prolific preworkout is a low costing supplement. Many supplements on the market will set you back 50-60 dollars however, for only a small amount of money you can experience prolific.

What I don’t Like?

I actually cannot find a single thing to dislike about prolific preworkout.

I only have one concern.

  • Tolerance– I am hoping that eventually I don’t build up a tolerance to this supplement. I take it very often and in doing research, people build a caffine tolerance and eventually don’t feel the effects as strongly. I may have experienced a slight decrease in effectiveness over the last 6 months, but usually after taking a week break from caffine I feel the full effect once again

The Verdict

I cannot stress enough about how much I love this product. Prolific pre workout is as legit as it gets and I highly recommend you try it.

You have nothing to lose even if you hate it, because it is cheaper than almost every other preworkout on the market.

If you use this product or give it a try, comment below and let the community know how you felt about it.


If you use a preworkout that you absolutely love, comment that below as well. I am always open to learning new things!


Founder of myshakercup.com


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  1. Hey Russell,
    Thanks for this article. I had given up on finding the right supplement for me pre-work outs. It was too much of a process trying to find the right one for me. The 2 main reasons were because of taste and cost. I will most definitely look into Prolific.

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