Losing Weight Drinking Alcohol- IT IS POSSIBLE!

There are three must-know tips I tell people when they embark on this journey to slimmer waists and plumper muscles.

  1. Patience
  2. Consistency
  3. Enjoy Yourself

First, is patience. Changing your body in a drastic way is going to take a lot of time, focus, and effort! Nobody ever became skinny overnight, and nobody ever gained 20 pounds overnight (that I am aware of). The goal here is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride because it will take months to years to create huge drastic body mass change.

Second, you HAVE to be consistent! You can’t work out once this week, twice next week, and zero times the week after. You have to be consistent in your cardio, weight lifting, and your diet in order to really see change. If you’re not consistent you’ll simply be on a never ending roller coaster of your weight going up, then down, then somewhere between and so on. Be consistent and the results will follow.

Drinking and Fat loss

Third, please, for everyones sake, ENJOY YOURSELF! Yes, I just went off on a tangent talking about consistency. But at the end of the day, if your social life is suffering, you’re losing friends because you can’t afford to meet for drinks or for ice cream at any given week throughout the year, then something is not right. It’s up to you to find the balance in your life that works.

Because no matter what any guru on the internet say, losing weight drinking alcohol is POSSIBLE.

When Drinking, What should I Avoid?

Like I said, losing weight drinking alcohol is possible for anyone to do.

In fact, some claim that you don’t even have to count your alcohol caloric intake. However, there are some key steps you should follow to ensure that you can drink alcohol and still lose fat. I will also provide examples of a meal plan during a night out drinking.

First, let’s talk about all the negative aspects of going out and drinking that you should watch out for.

  • High Calorie Drinks High Calorie Drink

If you are going to go out and have some drinks, it is important to consider what is in your drink. For example, if I am feeling a large fruity margarita, I better expect to consume at least 500 calories depending on size. Choose drinks that are low in calories because everyone knows you are going to have many of them!

Do your research before going to the bar to discover low calorie drinks that you might enjoy.

  • Having Too Many Drinks

You also need to be aware of consuming too many drinks. Let’s be honest, did you need to have that 7th, 8th, or 9th beer? Probably not. You probably were already feeling the effects of consuming alcohol and didn’t need the extra 400 calories. I’m not saying limit your drinks and have a bad time, I am simply saying if you’re already feeling great, save the extra calories. Your weight loss journey will thank you.

  • Binge Eating Drunk

This one is really difficult for me. It is a constant battle that I do not always win. But remember, do as I say, not as I do.

Personally, I have ruined a lot of solid weeks of hitting my calorie goals by going out, drinking, and then eating close to a full pizza afterwards. Did my body need the extra 2000 calories of pizza at 2 am? No. No it did not.

You really need to be careful when snacking and eating when you are intoxicated. It seems as though stomachs become bottomless pits when drunk. This is something that can and most likely will ruin an entire weeks efforts of meeting your calorie deficit. Not only did you hit your calorie goal for the day, but you then added 2,000 calories of pizza as well.

By being aware of binge eating drunk, you could avoid consuming an entire days worth of calories in a half hour.

I said it, and I will say it again. Losing weight drinking alcohol is possible. USE YOUR WILLPOWER!

Tips to Drinking and Keeping the pounds off.

These tips should give you a solid game plan of how to drink on your diet.

  • Change Your Caloric Intake

First off, if you know you are going to go out drinking on Friday night, then you can plan ahead and change your caloric intake for that day.

For example, if you normally fit in 400 calories of rice for lunch and 300 calories of potatoes for dinner, cut those out entirely. If you save 700 calories of carbs during the day, that’s almost 7 drinks you can have at night and still hit your calorie deficit goal.

It’s as simple as adding and subtracting. By planning and being proactive, you can figure this out!

  • Focus on Low Calorie Drinks

I discussed this already, but focus on drinks that are around 100 calories or less each! You’re probably not going to only have one or two, so make sure you plan ahead and know what you’re putting in your body.

A great example of this is the debate between regular or diet soda. If you are drinking captain and cokes for the night, change your drink to diet coke. Think about it, if you have 4 captain cokes, you’re consuming at least 600 calories of soda. Save the 600 calories and drink Captain Diets instead.

  • Plan Out Your After-Bar Food, or Skip It Entirely

If you MUST eat something when you get home from the bars or wherever you are going, make sure it is something that is very low in calories. Your entire days diet can be made or broken by this category.

What I like to do after bar, is avoid the friends that are always down for pizza.Pickles

Instead, I normally will eat something very low calorie like pretzels. The brand of pretzel I buy is 110 calories for 28 pieces (let me know if you need recommendations). This makes it super easy to avoid eating too many calories.

Better yet, I often eat 0 calorie pickles. If you are a pickle lover, buy pickles that are 0 calorie and binge on those suckers all you want after bars. This is such a good snack and it will do no harm to your caloric intake!

Example Meal Plan

Alright guys, lets take a look at a potential meal plan for your Friday or Saturday night. Consider that this plan follows an intermittent fasting routine. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out here-Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan.

The meal plan for this day represents a 1800 calorie diet.

7 am- Wake up

7am-9am Drink Coffee

9 am-11am Drink Sparkling Water, Coffee, or water

11am- 1 pm Sip on diet soda, water, or sparkling water

1 pm- Break your fast with a 500 calorie meal (If you need suggestions, ask!)

5 pm- Depending on hunger, eat another 500-600 calorie meal.

7pm- Bed- 800-900 Calories of Drinking

Because you planned ahead and made room in your diet for drinks, you can now enjoy yourself from 7pm until you go to sleep. You have 800-900 calories left over for drinking and if you focus on the tips given above, you can make this a very enjoyable night.

Ready, Set, HAVE FUN!

Congratulations, you are ready to have an awesome night out with your friends while staying within your nutritional goals.

One of the biggest reasons that a person can burn out and stop exercising or eating right is because they are too strict on themselves. You must make room for fun regardless of what your social, personal, or fitness situation might be.

You deserve it!

Comment your favorite low calorie drinks below or ask me for mine! I have plenty that you can give a try.



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  1. This is a great post, it’s so much harder to stick to diets at the weekend! I have to admit I prefer cocktails but you’ve made me think about switching to something like mojitos rather than pina coladas – far less calories! What do you think is a healthy weight loss to aim for each week?

    • Hey!

      Thanks for your comment. I highly recommend switching to something low in calorie. This could even be mio drink mix and vodka or as simple as captain Diet Coke. You will save a lot of calories.

      To answer your question, a healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss a week is around 2-4 pounds.

      I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out if you need more information!

      Founder of myshakercup.com

  2. Hello there Russell, very informative article here. I must say that I don’t drink alcohol (and never will), but this is definitely something who does drink alcohol to keep in handy. Thanks.

  3. I exercise and follow a “clean” diet during the day, but it’s evenings and weekends when I’m at home with the kids where it’s difficult to be strict. For the most part, alcohol is calories and if your overall calories in is less than calories expended you should lose weight.

    Besides, we diet and exercise to ENJOY life, so enjoy those few drinks on the weekends!

    • Dave,

      What a perfect way to put things. Indeed, we diet and exercise to enjoy life and enjoy drinks on the weekend as well.

      Thanks for the positive comment!

      Founder of myshakercup.com

  4. Hi Russel,
    I’m so glad you remind people to enjoy themselves! Diet is kind of associated with suffering, being hungry and unhappy, which it should not be! Healthy food can feel happy. Going out is absolutely possible and needed for you to feel energized to continue. Noone needs to drink too much and eat the whole pizza afterward. Everything is possible when you follow the golden path and do it consistently.
    My favorite drink is Muscato or Vermut with lemon. Are they considered high calories?

    Thank you

    • Hey Mary!

      Thank you for the kind words. To answer your question, Muscato can be around 120 calories per 3 oz while Vermut is around 105 calories per 3 oz.

      Neither are a horrible choice when drinking smart. Of course, it all comes down to how many calories you consume that day!

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions!

      Founder of myshakercup.com

  5. Hi,

    Firstly, I love the post. I can relate to the struggle of holding off from buying that pizza at 2am! For a while I struggled a lot with getting into shape and if I’m drinking I’ll definitely remember to use your meal plan as a base. I feel like I could learn a lot from you as a person as we seem to have a similar interest. I’ll definitely be a frequent user of this site as I can see it being very successful. Keep up the good work!

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