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Different types of Protein Guide, Pros, Cons

Like all nutrition, protein sources come with much variety. There are many different kinds of protein. Some are superior to others in various categories and some are downright inferior. Others just won’t fit the dietary needs of certain individuals by choice or goal restrictions. Different types of protein in the body will have different benefits…

Recipe book

Homemade Protein Shake Recipe – My Favorite Go To’s

Hey everyone! Through my many years of fitness and nutrition I uncovered a huge problem. Many of the protein powders out there taste HORRIBLE. For the longest time many of the protein shakes I consumed left me unsatisfied and quite honestly, disgusted. Getting enough protein to fit your nutrition should not seem like a chore.…

Creatine Monohydrate Bodybuilding | One to Rule Them All

creatine monohydrate

What is creatine? If you ask Merriam Webster the creatine definition you’re still going to wonder what the heck it is. A, “White crystalline nitrogenous substance C4H9N3O2 found especially in the muscles of vertebrates either free or as phosphocreatine.” I even tried Creatine Wikipedia and didn’t do much better. Let’s break this down in to something…

Custom Make Your Own Homemade Energy Drink

homemade energy drink

This article covers everything you need to know to make your own pre-workout drinks, including additional considerations and questions you should be asking yourself but probably aren’t. There’s a lot of science behind the following topics, some of which some I’ll cover, but none of which matter to YOU unless you want to impress your…

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Protein Powder

Protein Powder Shaker Cup – Why You Should Have One

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Are Protein Supplements Healthy? Uncover the truth!

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Should I do cardio? Is it that effective?

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Going over your macros or calories

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Are Creatine Supplements Safe? Let’s Protect Your Health

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If It Fits Your Macros Dieting Plan: Proper Dieting Foods


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Healthy Food From Costco: My High Protein Go-To’s

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Best Earbuds for Exercising: High Tech and Efficient

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Macronutrients, Macros, Protein

What Are Macros in Diet?- Help Your Body Lose Weight and Look Great!

Drinking Social

Losing Weight Drinking Alcohol- IT IS POSSIBLE!

Recipe book

Homemade Protein Shake Recipe – My Favorite Go To’s