If It Fits Your Macros Dieting Plan: Proper Dieting Foods

Dieting can be really hard.

Often, people are hungry, rarely satisfied, or just upset when trying to diet for fat loss.

If you approach dieting in such a way, you most likely will not be able to stay consistent or stick with your goals. Dieting should not be a daily struggle. You should not be starving yourself, eating gross foods, etc. If you are doing this you are overthinking it!

Let’s go back to what it takes to lose weight. It is as simple as eating fewer calories than your body burns in a day. If you don’t know how to do this read here.

But, in order to see progress you’ll have to do one huge thing, BE CONSISTENT.

If you are one of these people that struggle with staying consistent because you feel that dieting is just too hard or too difficult. I have a plan that might help you.

The idea is if it fits your macros dieting plan. If It fits your macros builds off the idea of eating with the goal of hitting your protein, carbs, fats, and caloric goal. If you don’t fully understand what macros are, you’ll want to take a look at a previous article of mine to learn more.

After you fully understand what it means to eat food in order to reach your macronutrient goals, you will be able to implement this idea of if it fits your macros.

Here’s the thing, it’s not even a difficult idea to comprehend.

Anyone can use this dieting plan and have success with it. All you have to do is implement it correctly, and keep an eye on those calories!

If It Fits Your Macros

Let’s jump right into this.

What is this diet plan known as if it fits your macros and how can you use it in your daily life?

This concept claims that you can truly eat whatever you want, so long as it fits your macros. Most importantly, you can eat whatever you want as long as you hit your caloric goals.

You might ask, does this mean if you really want to have ice cream for dessert, you can have ice cream?

Why yes, yes it does.Ice Cream

If your caloric goals are 1800 calories and you have 1700 calories for lunch and dinner while coming close to your macros goals, go ahead and eat 100 calories of ice cream.

Do you understand why?

You have 100 calories left to eat for the day, it doesn’t always have to be green or “clean” foods. You have 100 calories left and you darn well deserve to eat some ice cream!

This is how you stay consistent. You allow yourself to eat the foods you enjoy because it fits your macros! You don’t have to eat chicken and veggies for every meal! Allow yourself to eat what you enjoy and still see results!

Quiz Time!!!

Let’s test how well you’re catching on.

Do you think you’ll put fat on if you eat 500 calories of ice cream all while meeting your 1800 caloric goal?

If you said yes, you’re WRONG!

If you said no, then you’re catching on to what it really means to utilize the if it fits your macros dieting plan. In no time, you will be implementing this strategy and you will be shredding fat all while eating the foods that you deserve!

Now, I don’t recommend you eat over 1/4th of your calories for the day in ice cream. But it’s true, if you hit your calorie goals and come close to your macros, it really does not matter what you eat because you will see results.

Do not use this as an excuse to eat greasy foods all the time. However, do use this as an excuse to treat yourself from time to time. Your body will thank you and I guarantee it will help you stick to your dieting plan. The key is to be consistent and avoid burning yourself out!

Like we’ve talked about so many times, if you’re really trying to make a change in your life it’s consistency that matters.

If you eat 500 calories more than your body burns over a long period of time, you’ll put on weight.

If you eat 500 calories less than your body burns over a long period of time, you’ll lose weight.

It’s as simple as that.

Think About It

I’d like you to think about this in even more depth.

According to NBC News, a man named John Cisna lost 56 pounds while eating at McDonalds for half of an entire year!

Yes, for SIX MONTHS John ate at McDonalds and lost weight.Eating French Fries

How do you think he did it?

He made it plain and simple.

John set his calorie deficit at around 2,000 calories a day. He also figured out his macros and set a protein, carbohydrate, and fats goal. While reaching all of these goals, John was able to lose the weight.

Read the article and watch the video here!

If you’re amazed at how John was able to do this, then you’re on the right path. You should be amazed.

The strategy he used was precisely if it fits your macros dieting.

In trying to convince you how powerful and effective if it fits your macros dieting is, I hope John’s journey will inspire you to give it a try.

Do I have You Convinced?

I challenge you to try the if it fits your macros dieting plan for an entire month.

Before you begin, weigh yourself and measure your waist. Hamburger and Fries

Be amazed as after an entire month, you will have lost weight and lost inches off your waist.

Once you see the results you’ve been hoping for, I encourage you to come leave a comment and share your success story.

In your comment, tell me what foods you were able to enjoy all while losing fat with this dieting plan. If you haven’t tried it yet, you will be amazed at how satisfied you’ll feel on this program.

Good luck and enjoy the process!


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  1. Hi Russel. Many thanks for the information. You make it sound so easy. All we have to do is consume less energy than we are using to lose weight. It’s common sense really, so I don’t understand why there are so many diet plans out there and so many people fail when using them. The links were interesting. I needed to learn more, so am happy I was able to do it here on your sight. I’ll be back to check out more content later.
    Kind regards

    • Hey!

      You are right on track. The key is to consume less calories than you burn. Once you have that figured out, it’s all about being consistent!

      Thanks for the kind words,


  2. Very good article to read. I myself find it difficult to get back on track after gaining 18kgs during pregnancy. Dieting was something I did but was not successful because I ate everything and more than what my body needs. I then find a motivation to stay healthy when I see my child. I think finding motivation and inspiration will help you in dieting.

    • Hello,

      I completely agree with everything you said. Find what motivates you and use that as fuel to your fire. I know you can do this!

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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