Healthy Chocolate Shakes: Dutch Chocolate Shake Review

Product: Dutch Chocolate Shake Ready to Drink

Price: $66.50 per case (24 shakes at $3.35 each)

Where to Buy: Medifast Under Shakes Category

Rating: 8.5/10

Description and Features

Ready to Drink Dutch Chocolate Shake is a meal replacement protein shake.Protein shake

It is conveniently packaged and ready to go so that you can take it anywhere!

When you order a case, you receive 24 individual shakes that are sure to keep you satisfied for almost a month!

Whether you take it to the gym, to work, or to school, you can count on this product to drive your protein intake up for the day with a low amount of calories. Of course, make sure you refrigerate it in order to get the full flavor (not required, you can totally drink it warm).

This drink is packed with protein and vitamins to help maintain a healthy body. It is clearly one of the most healthy chocolate shakes you could have.

This shake is not only tasty, but it will help ensure you hit your macros for the day. Keyed with the right nutrition and exercise this product can help you lose weight.

NutritionEach serving is 8.5 oz, or one container

Calories: 100 calories

Fat: 1.5g

Carbs: 13g

Protein: 11g


Who Is it for?

The Dutch Chocolate Ready to Drink Shake is for anybody with the goals of becoming fit and losing weight. Of course, you must also pair this drink with proper exercise and nutrition for it to be effective.

This drink is perfect for those who go to the gym and exercise because it provides 11g of protein at a low caloric intake level. You could even drink 2 of these after a gym session for a filling 200 calories and 22 grams of protein.

This drink is also for those that hate chalky protein powders because it is already mixed for you. If you are always in a rush, this drink is for you! It has a delicious chocolate milk type flavor that will leave you satisfied.

Implement this shake into your daily nutrition in order to help keep yourself full, meet your protein goals, and help you lose weight.

What I like?

  1. I love that the ready to go Dutch Chocolate Shake is not only high in protein, but it is also low calorie. This is key to seeing results in losing weight and burning fat.
  2. The shake is packaged in a conveniently small and on the go container. You literally can take this shake with you anywhere to help you meet your fitness goals.
  3. This shake is sweet, but not too sweet and is packed with a flavorful punch.
  4. Each individual shake is valued at just $3.35 per drink. Compared to other protein drinks, this is a great price!
  5. The shakes come in a case of 24 so you will always have a stocked fridge.

What I don’t Like?

  1. Each pouch can be a little tricky in putting your straw in. However, most people don’t have a problem!
  2. Sometimes I am looking for a bit higher amount of protein, however, two of these shakes is only 200 calories so that is just fine.


The Verdict

All in all, customers will get a lot out of this shake and should see results if they pair the shakes with proper nutrition and exercise.

Of course, you cannot simply lose weight just based on a magic shake. But, if you take this shake and stay within your calorie goals you will definitely see results.

Compared to other pricey shakes, each serving is only valued at $3.35. This is a great deal compared to other shakes of a similar characteristics out there.

If you love a chocolate milk tasting drink, then I highly recommend you give it a try.

Not only is the ready to drink dutch chocolate shake sweet, but it doesn’t have the chalky taste that so many other protein drinks have.

I would recommend this to a friend at a rating of 8.5/10

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you give this shake a try or have tried it before, please comment below and let us know what you think! Of course, opinions can vary!


Founder of myshakercup.com




  1. Hi Russell. Thank you for your review on the Dutch Chocolate shake. I was impressed that it didn’t have a chalky consistency. This is something that has put me off other shakes. Should you use this shake as a replacement for a meal? How often should you take one? Thanks Jim

    • Jim,

      Thanks for reaching out. This shake is meant for meal replacement so it would be an excellent product if that is what you are searching for! It can also provide ample amount of protein after a workout. I wouldn’t take more than three of these within a day as you also need the nourishment that comes with whole foods at some point in your day!

      Hope this helps,


    • Hey!

      This is absolutely the right stride towards weight loss.

      This can be used as a meal replacement and paired with proper nutrition the rest of the day and even exercise, you should DEFINITELY see results!

      Plus it tastes good!

      Hope this helps,


  2. Love chocolate. No chalk. Shame about the straw. I have seen that problem on many packages. Ill definitely keep this in mind.

  3. Hi! Nice review! I usually take protein powder, but the powder is not easily mixed! Just like you mentioned, chalky… Maybe I will switch to already mixed protein drinks. Thank you for sharing!
    Is there milk in this drink? I am slightly intolerant to milk or dairy ingredients.


  4. Hey Russell!
    I’d never heard of Medifast shakes before but you’ve got me interested. I love having a protein shake after the gym and it’d be so simple to throw in my gym bag before I head out to work. I especially like that it’s super low in calories which is usually NOT the case with protein shakes. I love chocolate so this Dutch shake is on my list to try next! Have you tried any of the other flavors that this company sells?

  5. Hey Russell, You’ve got my favorite flavor, chocolate! I don’t drink shakes the way I used to but I like the nutritional values the shake has. It seems like it’s reasonably priced too. Can you tell me how much sugar is it? That’s a key factor for me. Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you for your interest Rob!

      There are 6g of sugar in this.

      Hope that helps!

      Founder of myshakercup.com

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