What To Wear In the Gym. Beginners Guide: Does It Matter?

This topic of conversation is going to be an interesting one.

The type of clothing that you wear in the gym shouldn’t matter to any other human being there. Of course, this is well within reason.

Before deciding what you should wear to the gym, there are some things you should consider. It is better to consider these ideas before arriving at the gym and feeling like you are out of place. Some of these tips I will mention may seem obvious, but for avid gym goers, I am sure you’ve seen it all.

I feel like I must mention, this article is not intended to be judgmental in any way. Of course, nobody understands what another person is going through unless you walk in their shoes. So remember to always be kind and respectful to others in this regard.

The gym is always intended to be a safe place of both expression and physical builds.

That being said, let’s jump right into it. What to wear in the gym; does it matter? Or even, should it matter?


Tips for What to Wear in the Gym

To start, always ensure that you are comfortable when going to the gym. It would be horrible if you show up, start your workout, and realize that you’re so uncomfortable you cannot even perform!

Also, make sure that you know your gym’s rules. At some gyms it is okay to have your shirt off. However, if your gym is like mine, you are required to cover up!Gym Clothing

  • Athletic/Gym Clothes– Athletic or gym clothes can be defined as the following; Clothing in which you are comfortable to run, stretch, and move.
    • This type of clothing is often some form of polyester as to keep you cool and allow movement. I have even worn cotton type shirts to the gym, however sometimes this gets overwhelmingly warm if you are doing a hard cardio session.
    • The goal is to simply wear something you feel comfortable in. It doesn’t matter what’s on your shirt as long as it’s not offensive or crude. Nobody should ever judge someone else for what clothing another individual is wearing. This is called harassment and is not tolerated in a gym community.
  • Shoe Choice- There is no clear definition of what type of shoe you should wear in the gym.
    • The type of shoe you wear should be determined by what activities you plan on doing. Some individuals prefer a lifting type shoe as to aid performance. Others prefer converse because the bottom is very flat bottomed. The majority, like me, will wear any type of comfortable running shoe.
    • The running shoe is the most commonly used shoe for a variety of reasons. First, it offers wonderful support and should never pain your feet! Second, this type of shoe does not have a sli
    • All in all, the type of shoe you wear should be comfortable and allow movement pain free.


What Should You Avoid Wearing to the Gym?

Let’s talk about clothing you should do your best (if possible) to avoid wearing while you exercise.Dress Clothes

  • Dress Shirts or Other Shirts You Want to Keep Nice- Don’t try to impress anyone with the shirts you wear to the gym!
    • When exercising, you never want to wear a nice shirt that you don’t want to eventually become ruined. Most people have the goal of a heavy sweat when they exercise. Repeated heavy sweating in your favorite shirt can surely lead to stains and wear and tear!
    • Be sure to wear a comfortable shirt that will keep you cool and that has little meaning to you!
  • Jeans or Khakis– A stiff pair pants that limits movement.
    • Like I’ve said, you want to wear something to the gym that will keep you cool and allow full movement. Wearing jeans or khakis to the gym is not the best idea if you other options. This will limit your mobility and lead to poor performance.
    • To get the most out of your workout, focus on bottoms that are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Exposing Clothing- Dress modestly!
    • Make sure that your shirt is not too revealing. This goes for both men and women. You don’t want to be performing an exercising while worrying about body exposure. Others also don’t want to be distracted by seeing more of you than they should.
    • An example of this is men wearing a cutoff that is cut too deep. Nobody want’s to see your chest, so keep it covered!
  • Low-support Shoes- Like mentioned, you must wear shoes that are supportive!
    • If you’re like me, you can blow out an ankle quite easily. I would never wear shoes to the gym that don’t offer enough ankle support because it would be a recipe for disaster!
    • Make sure your shoes are light, comfortable, and offer the support you need to prevent injury.

You’re Ready For This!

Okay, you are ready. You know what to wear in the gym and what you shouldn’t.

I have one last tip for you. Plan out 3-4 outfits that you can regularly wash and wear to the gym!

You shouldn’t have to overthink this. Nobody should be at the gym judging what another person looks like.

When deciding what clothes to wear to the gym, promise me to keep one thing in mind— YOU.

Only focus on you and what clothing you feel most comfortable in. If you need any tips on brands that I have found to be comfy and mobile, just leave a comment below. There are plenty of them!


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