Should I Use Pre Workout? Improve Your Gym Performance

As a lover of all things caffeine, I highly recommend using pre workout.

So many beginners ask, “Should I use pre workout?” and there is no simple answer.

Every one’s body reacts differently to fitness, nutrition, proteins, and pre workouts.

For me, using pre workout is a part of my daily gym routine.

But, for you, I recommend you test it out and decide for yourself.

Just be sure to do your research and know what type of product you are purchasing. Unfortunately, many companies try to take advantage of your business.

Benefits of Pre Workout

Pre workouts can really be a magical thing. It can provide you with the focus, energy, and determination to make positive strides in the gym.Pre workout energy

  • Energy Levels- Depending on the time you hit the gym, you may be sleepy if you just woke up, or tired after a long day of work. If you don’t have enough energy when going to the gym, you’re not going to have a great workout. I often go to the gym at 5 am before work and in order to get myself up and going, I use pre workout. Pre workout gives me a crazy boost of energy, gets me excited, and allows me to take my lifts to a whole new level. In fact, you can even experiment by comparing your lifts with or without the product. This will be key in knowing if it’s right for you.
  • Avoid Crashing- Unlike with coffee or other caffeine stimulants, SOME, but not all pre workouts don’t involve a crash in your energy levels once effects wear off. You will want to avoid pre workouts that are reported to involve crashing energy levels. So be sure to pick the right one!
  • Increased Focus– Pre workout is also proven to increase your focus at the gym. For example, by increasing focus you will be able to have a more effective workout. You need to increase focus as to control your breathing, movements, and have a positive mindset. With perfect focus, you will hit extra reps and reach towards personal records.
  • Nutrients and Amino Acids- Pre workouts can contain much more than just caffeine. Some pre workouts, depending on brand, can contain essential nutrients and aminos acids that your body needs for recovery and growth.

What to Avoid In Pre Workouts

Like I’ve briefly mentioned, you do need to be careful about the brand of pre workout you purchase. Some pre workouts can have harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

  • Proprietary Blends- Make sure when purchasing pre workouts, you look at the active ingredients. It’s important to avoid proprietary blends. Proprietary blends are basically just unnecessary and sometimes harmful filler materials.
  • Caffeine Level- You also want to check how much caffeine you are getting in your pre workout. It can be dangerous to over stimulate your body. Regardless of what brand of pre workout you purchase, NEVER exceed the amount of scoops noted in the warning label.
  • Drink Water- Some pre workouts can cause dehydration. Especially when paired with a rigorous workout routine that makes you sweat. Always be sure to drink water and if you feel dizzy or faint, take a seat. Relax and make sure you get water into your system. If after waiting 5-10 minutes you still don’t feel right, contact someone and let them know.

    Pre Workout

How Do You Know If Your Supplement is Safe

When considering if your brand of supplement is safe you need to consider a few things.

  • Reviews- Always be sure to check customer reviews of the product you are thinking about buying. Often times customer reviews can be honest and helpful in decided if a product is for you. Don’t just look at one comment, look at many of them and see if the overall consensus is positive.
  • Research Ingredients- If you notice ingredients listed that you are unsure of, always research them so you know what you’re putting in your body. The number one goal is to always be safe
  • Test It Out- Read the directions for the product you purchase. Most directions will tell you to use half a scoop to test your tolerance. By testing your tolerance you can be sure to avoid over caffeination. Over caffeination can be dangerous and harmful for your body.

Alternatives to Pre Workout

If you realize that pre workout isn’t for you, are there other options out there to optimize your workouts?

YES, of course.

  • Coffee- Coffee is a very low priced caffeine option to improve your workouts. Drink 1-2 cups of coffee before you go to the gym to hype you up and increase your energy levels.
  • Mio Energy- Mio energy is a flavorful burst of caffeine and is another alternative to increase productivity in the gym. It comes in many different flavors and you’ll definitely find one you enjoy.
  • Bang Energy DrinkI normally don’t condone drinking energy drinks as they can be quite harmful on the body. However, this is a 0 calorie energy drink that is proven to avoid using harmful ingredients. It tastes amazing and I highly recommend it.

Should I Use Pre Workout

There are many pros and also cons to using pre workout in the gym.

If you’re unsure if its for you, just give it a try and only take the recommended amount. It’s important to test these products to see how your body reacts.

You can find the pre workout that I use daily here. It is safe, trustworthy, and effective.

If you find a brand that works for you, you’ll wonder why you ever went to the gym without it.

Pre workouts are also very simple to mix. All you need is a shaker cup and you’re set to go!

If it’s not for you, try one of the alternatives listed and let me know what works.

When used correctly and in moderation, pre workouts can improve your gym performance by incredible means.

If you have a pre workout brand that you love to use, or a brand that we should avoid, please comment below and share the wealth that is your input!

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  1. Informative and easy! i use preworkout only when I feel lethargic. Otherwise I’m wired for the next few days. I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles

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