Best Weightlifting Gloves 2019: Gym Workout Gloves Guide

Alright folks, it’s time to solve one of the biggest mysteries in the fitness world.

Should I wear lifting gloves?

You might have noticed a previous article being written focused around the pros and cons of utilizing leather weightlifting gloves.

If you haven’t, I encourage you to take a look here, it’s a quick read!

All in all, there are a ton of benefits to using weightlifting gloves or gym workout gloves. In fact, gloves are pretty cheap gym gear when you consider the benefits.

I personally recommend it for certain lifts.

Somehow, lifting gloves have been given a bad name because some folks claim they are for weak individuals or individuals with too soft of hands, etc.

All in all, these type of people are bullies and you shouldn’t consider their opinion as important or valid.

At my current gym, one guy who consistently wears lifting gloves every time I see him, just happens to be one of the most in shape individuals there. They in no way represent you or your capabilities.

In fact, I think this simple weightlifing glove debate video answers everything you need to know.

With all the benefits of using gloves, this article is going to look at the best weightlifting gloves 2019.


How to Choose The Right Gloves?

You’re most likely here because you believe in using lifting gloves as they can very beneficial for particular lifts!

There are many different type of lifting gloves on the market.

This can make it difficult to choose what type of glove would best benefit you.

When considering what type of gloves to invest your money in, weigh all of your options and your needs!

1) Size

Regardless of what type of glove you choose to purchase, it has to fit properly to successfully get the job done.

I have tried using gloves in the past that fit okay, but not perfect. What do you think happened?

Well, a pair of lifting gloves that were too tight ultimately ripped at the seams after a week or two of using them.

I also at one point used a pair of gloves that were too loose. The issue here, is the excess of material between your hands and a barbell, dumbbell, or what have you. We never want to sacrifice gripping ability when using lifting gloves.

So what is my advice to you?

If it doesn’t fit, return it and try a different size.

Most companies have a return policy as long as your gloves do not show signs of wear or excessive use. Make sure you pick the correct size before sticking with a glove so you don’t waste your money!

Lifting gloves are supposed to solve a problem, not create new ones. When you find the perfect fitting gloves, you will benefit both financially (you’ll avoid ripping them) and through performance (no excess material getting in the way).

Take my word for it and do not stop until you find the perfect fit.

2) Wrist Protection

One of the main reasons I first tried using a lifting glove is because I had suffered a wrist injury.

For a while, my wrist hurt during just about any amount of lifting weights or activity involving heavy lifting. I noticed that it was really making my workouts difficult, full of suffering, and almost pointless (I could hardly lift while at the gym).

Even after resting or taking a few days off, my wrist just always seemed to feel weak.

I thought about taping my wrist for my lifts or buying a protective wrist band but came across a lifting glove that included straps for wrist support.

I gave this option a try and never looked back. I still use the gloves today.

Moral of the story, if you have wrist issues or have had wrist issues in the past, I highly recommend choosing a lifting glove with wrist protection.

How will this help you?

Well quite simply, your wrist will be supported by the protective wrap. It will help prevent wrist injuries because the straps help keep your wrists straight while performing your lifts.

One of the most common ways to injure your wrist during lifting is by lifting heavy amounts of weight while your wrist is bent. This is why utilizing wrist straps for support is a great idea to prevent injury and to avoid having to take time off from your routine.

It is a great idea to consider this when choosing the right lifting gloves!

3) Material Type and Quality

The type of material your gloves are made out of are also an important factor.

There are many different material types out there.

When searching various weight lifting gloves, you’ll find gloves made of leather, mesh, rubber, silicon, a combination of these, or more!

When deciding on material type, it is best to consider what your weak points are. Do you need a glove that has silicon padding to provide a better grip? Or, do you need double leather and rubber padding to protect against blisters?

Whatever the case, you’ll need to decide what benefits you’re searching for in a glove and choose a material type based on that!

Also, don’t forget to check reviews for your gloves. You’ll want to make sure the quality is good enough that it won’t rip after a few months of use.

2018’s Best Lifting Gloves

1) Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves (Large Wrist Strap)

Lifting Gloves Harbinger is a trustworthy and quality company that has been around since 1988. They make various products in the fitness world.

Specifically, we’re going to take a look at the Harbinger weight lifting gloves.

This product is black, blue, and has a gray strap. It has a great look to go along with how well it works.

I personally use these gloves every single workout.

Remember how I mentioned I had wrist issues?

This glove singlehandedly helped me get back on the right track. Lifting gloves for gym use

Why you ask?

Because this glove has an extended wrist strap that is supportive enough to not only keep your wrists straight, but cushion them too. When I was working through a wrist injury and in the recovery process, these gloves were enough to keep me in the gym.

The glove also has a very comfortable fit on your hands. It’s made of leather and a TechGel padding.

The leather provides hand protection whereas the TechGel padding ensures that you have a good grip.

Grip is never something you want to take lightly because if your gloves are slippery, you’re going to perform less reps!

I highly recommend giving these gloves a try.


-TechGel Padding

-Leather Palms (Durable and Protective)

-Wrist Straps


-Can be difficult to get sizing correct (I recommend going to a store, trying on the gloves, and ordering the one that fits here!)

(Check Price Above)

2) Harbinger Pro Weightlifting Gloves

Lifting Gloves Check Price Here

Like discussed in option one, Harbinger is a company that is doing wonderful things in the world of fitness and exercise gear. This company offers many types of products and variations of products as to benefit their customers.

The harbinger pro weightlifting gloves is a variation of the weight lifting glove in option one.

Similarly, it has wrist straps to promote wrist security and protection while lifting heavier weights. The wrist strap in this option is a little smaller from the first option of gloves.

This is perfect for those who do not have any history of wrist pain or injuries, but would still like to be proactive and find a glove with wrist support.

This glove is made from leather, padding, and flexible fibers for a comfortable fit.

Another benefit, is the vented foam padding in the palm area. This help aids a proper grip while also maximizing airflow to avoid an excess of sweat forming in your palms.

The benefits to this are endless.Black Lifting Gloves

If your hands are excessively sweaty inside your glove you will lose gripping ability, your gloves will smell awful, your gloves will need to be washed often, or, in extreme cases, you will wear out your gloves and need new ones sooner.

The technology allowing maximized airflow is going to definitely save you. If not money, it will save you and others from having to smell nasty gloves!


-Wrist Strap (medium to small sized strap)


-Foam Padding (maximize airflow and allow for better grip)


-Durability (find the right size so you don’t rip stitching in your gloves)

(Check Price Above)

3) The Grip Power Pads Weightlifting Gloves

Powerful Lifting Gloves
Check Price HereIf you’re able to spend a little more money on your weight lifting gloves, I must turn you in this direction.

This glove is an absolute powerhouse in the market of weightlifting gloves.

Why should you consider buying this glove and what can it do for you?

Well, to start, this set of gloves has intense wrist straps. They are massive!

This is helpful for you because the larger and thicker the wrist straps, the more support you receive. You need this support if you have ever had wrist issues. When lifting weights it is very easy to injure or re-injure a wrist injury.

With the proper support of these high quality gloves, your wrist should be in the clear!

Again, not only does this help wrist injuries, but it is pro-active and protects against wrist injuries occurring.

You should also consider buying this pair of gloves because of the high quality material used to make it.

This glove is made of leather which is typical. However, it is also made of thick rubber padding. You will experience no types of blisters, burns, or calluses with this glove.Powerful Black Lifting Gloves

You’ll notice as soon as you put them on, this pair of gloves is intense and will fully protect you when in the weight room.

The rubber insulated grips also provide you the ability to hit extra reps in the gym. The grip is powerful and will allow you to push yourself to the fullest and get those extra reps.

Like previously mentioned, this glove is more pricey than others that we have looked at. However, if you can afford it, you definitely won’t regret it!


-Powerful Wrist Straps


-Strong Rubber Padding (for grip and protection)



-Price (more expensive than other options)

(Check Price Above)

4) Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Gloves

Camo Lifting Gloves
Check Price HereThe steel sweat weight lifting gloves are unique in a variety of ways.This is another pair of durable and heavy-duty gloves which directly helps you use them longer! There is no point in buying cheaply made gloves that rip after a few uses.

Buying cheap gloves over and over is a cause for disaster for both you and your bank account!

The uniqueness of this pair of gloves comes from two main features.

1) First off, designed into the glove are pull tabs.

Okay so what does this mean? How do pull tabs help you?

Well, these pull tabs are designed into the gloves so you can easily remove them from your hands.

This might seem like a simple concept, BUT, when your hands are sweating gloves seem to stick to them like glue. You can easily damage your gloves by ripping at the fingers or wrist straps during removal.

I have actually torn a pair of gloves at the seam of the fingers by trying to remove them.

By integrating pull tabs into your gloves for easy removal, you easily fix this problem.

2) Second, this pair of loves comes in a beautiful cameo color. This is seemingly quite unique as many gloves come in a bland black, gray, blue, etc. There are very few gloves that come in a unique color like green cameo!

The main features of this glove are enough to give them a try with optimism.Lifting Gloves that are cameo

If that isn’t enough, consider how important it is to have a powerful grip. You obviously need a glove that performs. This glove has a grippy palm design that help enhance your grip during your lift. This is clearly important for getting the most out of your workouts.


-Pull Tab Removal of Glove

-Unique Cameo Color




-Wrist Straps (they are small and will not be as effective as other designs)

(Check Price Above)

5) Fit Active Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

Open back lifting gloves Check Price Here

Fit Active Sports ventilated weight lifting gloves are the perfect idea for those who have very sweaty hands.

It’s also perfect for those who would like to be more discreet about the fact that you’re even wearing lifting gloves because as you can tell, there is no back to them. These gloves only have a palm to finger grip!

Now, this kind of grip can be beneficial in a few different ways.

First off, like I mentioned above, it is perfect for the ventilation of sweaty hands, for being discreet about wearing gloves.

It is also beneficial because you don’t have to worry about ripping your gloves in the finger seams or anywhere on the back of your gloves because, there is no back! This should be huge in keeping your gloves in decent condition.

This product comes with a wrist strap for extra support and protection as well. Discussed previously, you WANT your gloves to be protective of your wrists. Wrists injuries are the worst and can keep you out of the gym!

As with all good lifting gloves, the palms of this product are very protective and provide improved grip strength due to its silicone neoprene material.

If any of these benefits interest you, give this glove a try.Opened back lifting gloves

You have nothing to lose because this company guarantees your money back if you’re not satisfied for if you need a replacement.


-Open Back


-Wrist Straps

-Increased Grip Strength


-Some folks dislike an open back because they think the glove doesn’t seem as secure.

(Check Price Above)

6) Day Wolf Full Finger Weight Lifting Gloves

Full Finger Lifting Gloves
Check Price HereDay Wolf features a pair of lifting gloves that is a little different from the rest we’ve discussed today.

This pair of gloves is a full finger covered glove.

What it reminds me of, are gloves that football players wear on the field. Of course, it is designed with different materials as they both have different goals.

The technology in the material of this product is quite phenomenal! The material inside the glove is sweat absorbent.

How does sweat absorbent technology help you?

Well, it will make sure your hands have proper grip strength and will avoid slippage due to wet hands! This is important for ensuring you get the most out of the lift you’re performing.

The palm of the glove is useful as well!Full fingered lifting gloves

The palm of the glove is made with a silicone type material providing extra grip strength, which again, will benefit you because you will be able to hold onto a dumbbell or bar for longer and with more ease.


-Full Finger Coverage For Ultimate Protection

-Sweat Absorbing Technology

-Silicone Palm For Grip


-Can’t feel the weights

-Some folks dislike full finger coverage

(Check Price Above)

7) Bionic Beast Mode

Full finger beast mode lifting gloves

Check Price HereIf you’ve heard of the iconic legend, the manliest of running backs to ever play the game, THE Marshawn Lynch, then you need to check out these lifting gloves.

This pair of gloves comes with maximum breathability and flexible material allowing for complete movement and satisfaction.

It is important to have gloves that are flexible so material doesn’t rip as you’re using them! It’s also important to have breathable material so your hands to sweat. Sweaty hands can reduce grip strength and wear out your gloves quicker.

Unique to this pair of gloves, is the full finger length material that curves to your hands for perfect grip.

Remember, having proper grip is important because it could possibly help you work even harder during your workout.

For example, it might allow you to push out 12 reps instead of 10!Lifting Gloves with full hand coverage

Also, unique, is the finger and thumb material. The material allows you to touch your iPhone so you won’t have to worry about taking off your gloves to change songs or track your progress!


-Flexible and Breathable Material

-Gloves Form to Hand For Grip Purposes

-Touch Screen Capable Material (pointer finger and thumb)


-Full Finger Material (for those that dislike it)

(Check Price Above)

8) Crown Gear Dominator Weight Lifting Gloves

[caption id="attachment_434" align="aligncenter" width="386"]Powerful and durable lifting gloves Check Price Here

The last pair of weight lifting gloves I would like to take a look at are a little more pricey, but wow are they incredible.

Here’s the thing.

When choosing to invest more money into something you want, it most likely will last longer, be more durable, be made of better quality, and most importantly SAVE YOU MONEY IN THE LONG RUN.

This glove will do just that.

Let’s break it down.

The Crown Gear Dominator gloves are made of four way stretch fabric. This is on the technologically advanced side of the weight lifting gloves market.

Why do you want gloves that are made of four way stretch fabric?

The weight lifting gloves will be able to stretch with your hands as they move naturally during a lift. Some gloves are so tight that it puts a lot of pressure directly on your hands instead of on the muscle groups that matter.

Therefore, with this high tech fabric, it will alleviate pressure off the hands during lifts and fully allow other muscle groups (hopefully the ones you’re targeting) take the burden.

This pair of gloves also has strategically placed padding in order to provide and comfortable fit and a powerful grip. In fact, it’s made be durable yet comfortable and for lifters of all levels (even very heavy lifters).

You will without a doubt be able to use this pair of highly durable gloves for a long time to come.

Powerful and durable lifting gloves


-Four Way Stretch Fabric

-Strategically Placed Padding

-Removal Tab

-Wrist Strap


-Cost (One of our more expensive options)

(Check Price Above)

Last Thoughts Before You Make Your Selection!

All in all, there are various weightlifting gloves out there.

These are gloves of all different designs, shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

This is a good thing!

It means that you can be picky about choosing a pair of weightlifting gloves to suit your needs.

Let’s revisit the main qualities you may (or may not) want your weightlifting gloves to have.

1) Proper Sizing (Hopefully your gloves have a sizing chart because you want them to fit or it could negatively impact your workout!)

2) Wrist Protection (Unfortunately, wrist injuries are a common thing. If you haven’t had one yet, I envy you. You can be proactive about this by choosing gloves that have wrist wraps for extra support.)

3) Material Type (It goes without saying, you want your gloves to be durable so you don’t have to waste money. Choose a pair of gloves that have proper stitching, lots of padding, breathability, etc.)

In searching for the right pair of gloves, these qualities are definitely something to consider.

Here’s what you need to consider before you choose to wear lifting gloves.

  • Do you care what others think of you in the gym?
  • Will you let stereotypes dictate your life?
  • Are you afraid of what your friends might say?
  • Do you want to get the most out of each and every lift?

These are all important questions that you will have to think about before choosing to wear lifting gloves.

In my opinion, you should never let someone else’s thoughts dictate your life. If a person is in the gym and judging other peoples actions or apparel, they simply need to find new hobbies!

All people are different. We should celebrate this! Not belittle others differences.

Remember, just because you use lifting gloves, it doesn’t mean that you have to use lifting gloves for each and every exercise that you perform.

It is actually very common for people to only wear lifting gloves on the lifts that they struggle the most with.

Personally, I choose to wear lifting gloves during most lifts.

Specifically, a lift that I struggle most with are chin ups. Especially when I wear a belt to add weight.

What really gets me down about chin ups, is the impact it can have on your hands.

While you are hanging from a bar hoping to get a few more reps, admit it, your hands are burning from trying to hold your grip. However, your muscles are not truly tired yet.

If you give lifting gloves a try, I guarantee you will be able to get a few extra reps on chin ups.

Now don’t think gloves only work for chin ups, they will help you on a variety of different lifts.

Do you believe in wearing lifting gloves?

If so, what pair of gloves do you wear?

Comment below and let us know!

Thanks for reading,


Founder of https://myshakercup.com



  1. I have been working out for a long time now and my old lifting gloves is about to rip. I’m glad that I found this article because it has the best lifting gloves of all time. 

    Out of all the gloves listed in this article I personally like the Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Gloves. I like the style of it, the color is suitable for me and not much of cons with these gloves. Also the price is affordable for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • I absolutely love that pair of gloves as well. The style is great and the gloves are very durable as well.

      I’m so glad I could help! Thanks for taking the time to comment. 


  2. Thanks for making it clear that using gloves doesn’t mean you are weak or have weak hands. It’s silly sometimes how culture and the way people see us cause us to do stupid things that end up being harmful. 

    I used to weight lift a lot, not so much recently. And I found the rough metal bar was ripping up my hands and giving me calluses or blisters. It got pretty painful and made it hard to lift weights. I didn’t even know that weightlifting gloves were an option. Now, if I decide to get back into it, I know that I can wear gloves to protect my hands.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for reaching out. I absolutely stand by the idea that lifting gloves are for anybody and everybody! It does mean you are weaker than another. I highly recommend using them for the benefits they offer! 

      It definitely would help give relief to any blisters! 

      Thank you for your comment,


  3. Hi, 

    My brother goes to the gym a lot and never used workout gloves. His hands have lots of callouses because of that. I have been planning to buy a pair of gloves for him but I don’t know what is best to buy. If not because of your blog, I would probably run to the nearest Walmart and buy the most decently priced one, but I learned a lot from your article especially the wrist protection part. 

    I am contemplating between open gloves vs a full on gloves. I do not think he has sweaty hands but at the same time, I’m not sure which is more comfortable. I never used gloves before so I have no idea. It would be helpful if can give me feedback on that matter. 

    Finally, should I also consider the thickness of the glove’s padding when choosing? Again, can you share some feedbacks on choosing which one I should get in regards to that? I want one that would help his hands but not overkill to the point that it feels like there is jello in his hands. 




    • Hey!

      Thanks for reaching out. 

      My advice to you is to pick option number 1 on my list.

      I have been using this pair for the last 6 months or so now and I cannot say enough good things about them. 

      The padding is not overly thick, the wrist straps are perfect sized, and the glove is very comfortable to the fit. I think you should give this pair a try and write back to let us know how you liked them! 


  4. Hi! Thank you for pointing out these things that must be considered before purchasing weightlifting gloves. I have taken note: proper sizing, wrist protection and material type.

    Having gone through your entire list I have picked the Grip Power Pads Weightlifting Gloves. I checked the price and I can buy them. And I want the very best in the 3 aspects that you pointed out. Thank you very much!

    • Hey!

      I definitely agree that those three aspects are HUGE. 

      Wrist protection is very important and I’m glad you are taking it seriously. Wrist injuries can happen very easily when tossing a lot of weight around. 

      Unfortunately, injuries in the wrist can keep you out of the gym for a very long time. It is best to be proactive! 


  5. Out of all of the weight lifting gloves I would choose the harbinger weight lifting gloves. They seem of best quality for price. I have never used gloves before but I really want someway to protect my wrists. Lately they have been getting sore because I seem to bend my wrists when bench pressing. 

    I think this would be a good way to help prevent any more damage to my wrists. 

    • Hey!

      Thanks for reaching out. 

      I absolutely would give the harbinger gloves a try. It is super important to be able to protect your wrists especially during bench pressing because it is so easy to use improper form. 

      Thanks for commenting,


  6. Awesome article, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I think wearing gloves when weight lifting is just smart, similar to how boxers wear gloves when using a punching bag.

    Personally I know when I am doing pull ups my hands after a few weeks will start to get sore and calluse — but if I’m wearing gloves ir doesn’t.

    It’s hard for me to decide which glove I would choose out of the ones you have here because they all look good.

    Do you wear gloves, and if so which brand do you have?

    • Hey!

      Thanks for the kind words. 

      I personally wear #1 on the list and have been for the last 6 months or so. I wear this pair of gloves because the padding is not overkill, the straps are large and effective on your wrists, and the price is great for the quality you’re getting. 

      Let me know if you have any other questions! 


  7. great stuff on gym gloves. i think using them for weightlifting makes a huge difference.

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