Signs You Need the Services of a Physical Therapist

physical therapist

Seeking the services of a physical therapist is one of the surest ways to get back on your feet. They have the relevant skills to help reduce the recovery time, but not many people know when is the right time to bring in such specialists. 

Here are signs you need the services of a physical therapist. 

Sharp and Dull Pain

If you suddenly feel a pain that is sharp and concentrated on one point and cannot tell why, it may be a sign to seek in-home physical therapy. It is one of the proven convenient treatment methods, and the upside is that you don’t have to wait for hours in queues.

Sometimes, the pain may not be acute but rather dull and lingering for hours. If the ache persists for days, it will help to find a physical therapist (PT), but you can talk to your doctor to hear their opinion. The therapist will conduct an assessment to establish the cause and determine befitting treatments. 


Sports people are susceptible to frequent injuries, which may take time to heal. However, with the assistance of a professional PT, the improvement and rehabilitation journey will be unexpectedly faster. 

Significant injuries can adversely affect your bones and muscles; luckily, home therapy is an ideal solution. When you get into an accident, you will first go to the ER, and the hospital may release you when you show signs of full recovery. 

Besides conventional treatment, you may also need an in-home physical therapist to guide you to heal fully and ensure that you resume your regular tasks. 

Difficulty Using Pain Medication

Suppose you get a prescription from your physician but don’t see any changes even after using the drugs over time. In that case, your doctor will likely suggest a PT or refer you to one, particularly in-home physical therapy, which is more convenient and practical. 

Some people opt for strenuous workouts to manage the pain, but it is not advisable because it often worsens the situation. A PT is a suitable person with the expertise to help you eliminate the pain. 

After Surgery 

Your doctor may prescribe some pain medication to take home after surgery. Sometimes, the medication doesn’t seem to work regardless of taking the doses religiously. You can take care of yourself after the surgery by following the doctor’s instructions, but if there are no changes, your best bet would be to seek in-home physical therapy

Why In-home Physical Therapy? 

Finding a physical therapist to attend to you at the convenience of your home can help speed up your recovery. You will feel much more comfortable and have enough time to focus on your healing instead of frequently visiting outpatient facilities.


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