MLB Shaker Cups

Los Angeles Dodgers

Team Info:

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Team Colors: Blue and White

Established: 1883

Stadium: Dodger Stadium

Location: Los Angeles, California

Shaker Cup Info:

Shaker Cup Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Shaker Cup Colors: Blue and White

Shaker Cup Size: Holds 28 oz of liquid

Shaker Cup Weight: 6.1 oz

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If you’re in the market for a new shaker cup to use as your water bottle, to mix your protein, to mix your pre workout, or whatever you purpose may be, look no further.

Performa is a company that produces top of the line shaker cups and you definitely will not be disappointed.

Let’s begin by analyzing what makes this cup top of the line.

1) Leak Proof Seal

Have you ever used a shaker cup or a water bottle that leaks?

If you have you’ll know how annoying it can be.

For one, you will make a huge mess if you’re mixing up a protein shake or anything that is not water. My most recent experience of using a shaker cup that did not have a properly sealed lid left me with a couch and carpet full of vanilla protein shake.

A leaking lid may also result in destruction of bags, backpacks, electronics, papers, etc.

By choosing Performa, you know that your lid will never leak.

2) Mixing Your Liquids is EASY

Another quality that makes your LA Dodgers cup top of the line, is the blending ability of this bottle.

Performa has equipped this bottle with a top of the line and high tech blending mechanism.

It’s called Actionrod technology.

During the process of shaking your cup with liquid and powder inside, the agitator and rod combine to form a high performance piston, colliding with high momentum in the opposite direction of the mixture.

Now this definitely sounds scientific and impressive.

That’s because it was scientifically designed to mix your liquids by allowing a high velocity collision to occur. This leads to your liquid and powder mixing together as one.

If you haven’t tried this type of unique shaker cup before, I highly recommend it.

Most of us have tried drinking protein shakes that are lumpy and gross before. This should help solve this problem and leave you with a smooth drink.

3) Material Quality

If that’s not enough to love, let’s talk about the quality of the plastics your La Dodgers water bottle or protein shaker cup is made out of.

This cup is made of BPA free plastic.

Do you know what this means?

It means that there are no harmful or poisonous chemicals within your cup. If it wasn’t BPA free and your cup is heated due to the sun, microwave (check here to see what microwaving a shaker cup might do), or a hot liquid, harmful chemicals could be absorbed into your liquids from the plastic.

Not having to worry about this is very important!

You also don’t have to worry about shattering or cracking your cup because it’s made from a blend of shatter resistant and shock absorbent plastics!

You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Are You A LA Dodgers Fan?

There is no better way to support your favorite team than to represent your team.

By bringing a LA Dodgers shaker cup with you to the gym, to the office, to school, to class, or to wherever life takes you, you can be sure to support your LA Dodgers and hopefully talk a little smack people of other fandom.

Again, Performa provides top of the line products and you definitely will be able to use it for a long time to come.

Team: Chicago Cubs

Team Info:

Team: Chicago Cubs

Team Colors: Blue and Red

Established: 1870

Stadium: Wrigley Field

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Shaker Cup Info:

Shaker Cup Team: Chicago Cubs

Shaker Cup Colors: Blue, Red, and White

Shaker Cup Size: Holds 28 oz of liquid

Shaker Cup Weight: 5.6 oz

Find it here on Amazon

Chicago, Illinois, home of Wrigley Field and the 2016 World Series Champions.

There’s no better way to express your fandom than to show off a shaker cup specifically tiered to your favorite MLB team.

The Chicago Cubs Shaker Cup has quite the unique design.

For example, this cup utilizes a new idea called Actionrod technology.

This patented shaker agitation element is scientifically developed using the laws of motion.

During the blending process the agitator and rod combine to form a high performance piston, colliding with high momentum in the opposite direction of the mixture.

This rapid collision builds momentum within the cup as the fluid mixture accelerates and impact becomes intensified. The explosive impact results in instant emulsification and perfectly blended drinks every time.

Also important, the shaker cup is guaranteed leak free and made of BPA free chemicals.

Why do you want a shaker cup that is BPA free?

BPA free is an absolutely must when choosing your shaker cup because it means that there are no harmful chemicals or poisons held within the plastic.

Without having a BPA free bottle, if ever heated enough from the sun, microwave, etc, your plastic bottle would begin to release toxins into your drink from the plastic container.

This is a durable shaker cup that won’t leave you hanging. There’s no better way to hit the gym than to take a piece of the Chicago Cubs with you.

If you’re curious, here are more features below.

  • 100% Officially Licensed
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Extra Wide Mouth
  • Screw on lid without rubber seal
  • Mix, pour, and store all in the same container.

Are You A Chicago Cubs Fan?

So, are you or someone you know a Chicago Cubs fan?

After recently winning the World Series in 2016, there is no doubt choosing a Chicago Cubs shaker cup is a great fit for any Cubs fan.

Let’s recap what makes this cup so great.

  • Leak Proof Seal
  • Actionrod Technology
  • Shatter Resistant Plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Chicago Cubs Design

All in all, the Chicago Cubs shaker cup would be a great addition to your shaker cup arsenal.

The thing about shaker cups, is that you can never have too many.

Over time, shaker cups tend to deteriorate in condition as all products do. You will probably own many different shaker cups on your fitness journey.

Personally, I own 4 different shaker cups and I switch up which one I use.

I even have on shaker cup that is specifically for protein, one for preworkout, and I even use one for coffee drinks. (If you use your shaker cup for microwaving or for hot coffee, please read here for more info on microwaving your shaker cup!)

Shaker Cup Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Shaker Cup Colors: Red and White

Shaker Cup Size: Holds 28 oz

Shaker Cup Weight: 6.1 oz

Find it here

The St. Louis Cardinals shaker cup is an authentic product that is made for all occasions!

Most folks buy a shaker cup to take to the gym, however you can use this shaker cup in for whatever purpose you would like.

For example, if you’re in need of a new water bottle to take to school, work, class or more, this would be great option for you.

This bottle if certified leak proof and can be taken on any journey you embark on, all while supporting the St. Louis Cardinals.

There are a few great features the St. Louis Cardinals bottle contains!

First, like mentioned above, this bottle is certified leak proof.

You absolutely don’t want a bottle that leaks liquids. With a quality seal, this product is guaranteed leak free for any type of use.

Secondly, this bottle is made from a type of plastic that is shatter resistant. No matter how many times you drop your St. Louis Cardinals cup it will not crack or shatter!

How is this possible?

Well, the company that makes this product, Performa, uses a special blend of plastics that ensures shock absorption and elasticity.

With this combination, you can be confident your Cardinals cup will a quality product.

Lastly, for those of you that want to use this product as a shaker cup for protein, preworkouts, amino acids, or more, you will be very impressed by actionrod technology that is utilized to blend your powder and liquids together with ease!

This technology is quite unique as it ensures that whatever you are mixing is mixed with speed and a high impact collision.

For whatever your purpose, you can be sure this cup will get the job done, show your fandom for the St. Louis Cardinals, and because of it’s high quality, last a long time.

Are You A Cardinals Fan?

My question for you is this, are you a St. Louis Cardinals fan?

The Cardinals have been around for over a hundred years and have experienced quite a bit of success. They have showcased this success through legendary players like Albert Pujols, Matt Carpentar, Yadier Molina and many more.

If you answered my question with a yes and you are a Cardinals fan, then there is no better time than the present to add to your St. Louis Cardinals gear collection.

Remember, the best way to show support for your team is to represent your team.

Not only is the St. Louis Cardinals cup a great choice to use as a water bottle, shaker cup for protein powder, preworkout, etc, but this cup is made from high quality material that will last you through many baseball seasons.

The high tech blending action is unique and will make sure your shakes are fully blended.

There is no worse feeling than drinking a protein shake that is lumpy. This definitely will do the trick!


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