Buying a Trampoline | Different Types and Features

A Brief Discussion on Different Types of Trampolines with Their Benefits

Kids are very much addicted to online games and movies. Even they don’t like to play outside. This may impact their physical and mental growth. We know that playing and exercising are important for kids’ development. That is where trampolines might be a great substitute to smartphone, tv, or  electronics. 

Adults can also use trampolines for physical fitness.  If you haven’t enough time to exercise, then jumping just a few minutes a day on a trampoline can give most adults a great workout.

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7 Different Trampoline Types

Backyard Trampolines

The trampolines that we see usually are backyard or outdoor trampolines. They can be used for gymnastic purposes as well as entertainment reasons. Depending on your backyard size, you can choose from different shapes and sizes of trampolines.

Typically, backyard trampolines are set up in the corner  or out of the main area of the backyard. Having an enclosure net is an essential part of the backyard trampoline. There are also other accessories you can also add  like a basketball hoop or jumping toys. 

There are lots of manufacturers who design backyard trampolines for various purposes. A few of the big brands are Skywalker, Zupapa, Vuly, Sportspower, Propel, Upper Bounce, Springfree, and many more.

In-Ground Trampolines

The in-ground trampoline is a wonderful option. It is sometimes called a sunken trampoline as it is deep in the ground. 

This trampoline provides the same bounce as the usual above-ground trampolines. The need for a net is reduced, but still may be necessary.

Above-ground trampolines might be blown away in a storm and cause heavy damage. This is not a concern with an in ground trampoline.

The installation cost is higher than the above-ground trampolines unless your the one digging. I personally have had three trampolines get destroyed in the wind. No tie downs have worked. The last one had six stakes in the ground. Two straps ripped apart, and the other four trampoline stakes ripped out of the ground from the wind. It would have been less expensive for us to start with an in ground trampoline. We now don’t even have one.

Olympic Trampolines

The first trampoline was developed for training the astronauts (cool tidbit). Over time, trampolining gained popularity and added as an important event to the world championships. Luckily, jumping on the trampoline was included in the Olympic event in 2000.


Mini Trampolines

If you don’t have a large backyard or need giant trampoline, then the mini trampoline comes in handy. Mini-trampolines are available for toddlers as well as adults. The toddler trampolines are designed for safety. Almost all the greatest mini-trampolines for kids come with handles for ease of playing. 

On the other hand, adult mini-trampolines or rebounders are designed for providing great workouts in a  short time. Most of them can be carried  either to an office or moved around the house easily. Sometimes, manufacturers provide resistance bands to make your rebounding more effective.

The interesting thing is that you can easily set up a mini-trampoline on indoor, outdoor, office, or any congested place. Most of them are foldable that allows you to hide easily under the bed or the closet.

Springless Trampolines

Springfree trampoline is one of the safest trampolines in the world. You know, every year lots of trampoline injuries happen due to springs or metal structure issues. To eliminate such accidents Dr. Keith Alexander developed the Springfree trampoline. 

The springless trampoline uses flexible rods instead of metal springs that successfully eliminate more than 90% of the trampoline-related injuries. Springfree trampolines seem pricier than others but the performance and safety are worth the money.

Water Trampolines

The water trampoline or bouncer is a unique trampoline that is designed for recreational purposes. If you plan to go to the lake or river to enjoy water sports in the summer vacation with your family, then a water trampoline will be a great option. Playing in the water on a trampoline is good entertainment for the whole family. 

Water trampolines come with plenty of accessories such as EZ boarding, aqua slide, log, etc, that greatly enhance outdoor fun. Most of the water bouncers come in round shape but other shapes are also available. They allow you to swim and jump in the water, and various play opportunities.

Trampoline Park

In the park, we frequently see a series of trampolines, which is called a trampoline park. These are institutional or commercial trampolines. Trampoline park adds lots of elements that provide great fun kids. 

Another version of this trampoline is called a bungee trampoline that is found in the fair or large gathering place. This trampoline gives massive bouncing compared to the other types.

These are some of the most important and renowned types of trampolines. Hopefully, the short discussion of these types will be helpful for trampoline lovers and people who are trying to find the right types for them. Choose the one you like and be fit and live a happy life.


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