How to Choose the Right Baby Changing Table

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There are multiple products and tools available in the market which can help the young couples in raising their kids, with safety and ease. Changing Tables are one of those tools. But should you buy a changing table? 


A baby changing table is a padded, waterproof, and easily washable surface designed to change baby’s diapers. Although its main purpose is the hygiene of the baby, this accessory can be used as a piece of furniture, apart from a changing table. Some of them have drawers or spaces to store clothes, creams, diapers, among other belongings of the baby.


A changing table is often a combination of a changing mat and chest of drawers that has all the necessary tools for optimal care within easy reach when changing baby’s diapers. This ensures that the infant is under constant supervision.


With a comfortable working height, standing at the changing table is practical for mothers and fathers. There are different models and designs of changing tables, for example with an integrated bathtub, which becomes a practical changing table when the upper support is closed. 


How to Choose a Baby Changing Table and What to Consider Before Buying One?


According to experts, the factors to consider before buying a baby change table are the following:


Safety: The baby changing table must comply with the safety regulations established by law, which means that it must be approved. Among the main safety measures, it is necessary to check that the child doesn’t roll and fall off the table table.


Stability: The material with which they are manufactured is the key because some changing tables are used during the first three years of the baby. For this reason, they must have good quality. The surface should not be too soft nor too hard, since the baby may feel uncomfortable.


The Form: It should neither be very high nor very low as it could cause discomfort to parents. In an ideal situation, it should have sides that are slightly raised and is wide, which will help if the child starts moving suddenly. In case the changing table is wheeled, it is necessary to make sure they have brakes.


Space: It is important to analyze the dimensions when buying the baby changing table to see if, really, it can be adapted to where we plan to place it. There are baby changing tables that are quite large, while others just have the mattress.


Accessories: All this also depends on the space you have at home, but if you have enough space, you can get a baby changing table that has other compartments to put necessary accessories.


19 Best Ideas for Changing Tables

  1. Traditional Baskets: This is the most classic form of changing tables. 
  2. Simple Whites: If you are going for something decent, why not this?
  3. Elegant Dressings: With multiple compartments and white or grey color, these changing tables can help you with multiple things.
  4. Modern Lines: With a changing pad at the top, this modern design helps you with 4 compartments to store your things. You can also keep a bookshelf at its top. 
  5. Vintage Masculine: With a bold and masculine look, take a bulky dresser and turn it into a vintage-looking changing table. 
  6. Side Table Turns: As the name says, take an old side table, place a pad on the top and there you have it!
  7. Alternative Features: With baskets and shelves on the top, this changing table has a changing pad and a small compartment right next to it.
  8. Minty Magic: These changing tables require you to repaint an old dresser and adds an antique look to your room.
  9. Potters Benches: As the name suggests, this particular furniture adds decency and class to the room.
  10. Contemporary Buckets: This piece adds sophistication to your room as it comes with multiple buckets and shelves.
  11. Closet Hideaways: You can always create a changing table in your closet. This will be undoubtedly a very hygienic changing table. 
  12. Vertical Ideas: Sick of horizontal tables? This changing pad is placed in a vertical position to offer you convenience.
  13. Insider Secrets: Just like a drawer in a dresser, pull out the changing pad and push it back in to save the space.
  14. Cubby Times: With about 8 shelves in total, this piece of wood takes up a small area in your room.
  15. Flip Downs: Want to save space in your bedroom? Go for Flip Downs!
  16. Mirrors Mirrors: This changing table comes with a mirror finishing, offering a spacious look to the room.
  17. Roll Aways: As the name suggests, these changing tables come with wheels and offer portability.
  18. Corner Styles: Placed at the corner of the room, this table has a changing pad at the top, while multiple shelves at two levels of the bottom.
  19. Ideal Antiques: As the name says, this wall-mounted changing table gives an antique look to the room.


Types of Baby Changing Tables


Bear in mind that not all baby changing tables are the same and that, like cribs or bathtubs, there are different types and designs. Here we will tell you about all the types that currently exist in the market so that you can pick the most suitable one for yourself.


Baby changing mat. It is a mat usually filled with foam and with a plastic surface that is waterproof and breathable. This design is the most comfortable because they are smaller and take up less space. In addition, it can be placed on a piece of furniture or used on any surface of the house, so it acts as a portable changing table. It is ideal if you do not have a lot of space in your home.


Inflatable baby changing table. It is a good option to change diapers away from home, as it is designed for traveling purposes. You simply have to inflate when you want to change the baby’s diaper and deflate and fold when finished.


Portable changer. It is a type of baby changing table that folds and is completely compact. In this way, it is very practical when using it outside the home.


Bag-Changer. This model, in addition to having a padded surface to make the diaper change, has different compartments for storing diapers, bottles, wipes, etc. It is the most practical baby changing table to take to the street because it folds into a bag that can easily be transported.


Changer with legs. With an area equal to that of the mattress, but with legs that raise the changing table to the height that best suits you. It is designed in such a way that it can be placed in the place you want and needs: on a bathtub, on a cot, etc. You can also find them with several compartments that allow you to have within reach all the accessories you will need for your baby.


Comfortable changing table. It is one of the most popular changing tables. Although it is a piece of furniture that cannot be moved, it has a long useful life when the diaper stage is over.


Bath changer. It is a common bathtub that incorporates a baby changing table to save space, thus being a two furniture in one, without the need to make double expenses. They usually have wheels to take it from one room to another. It is an option that many families usually prefer because it is one of the most useful and practical.


It Is Normal to Use Baby Changing Tables Up To Two or Three Years

As the fertility rate is dramatically increasing in some of the countries, the demand for changing tables is also increasing. If we talk about diaper changers in general, manufacturers tend to adapt their products to the needs of children up to 3 years, since there are many parents who recognize using it regularly until that age.


Some Tips: 

A changing table is not a table in the traditional sense, but mostly flexible support offering comfort to babies. The pad is made of soft and well-padded material so that the baby is offered a lot of comfort and ease. The edges of the changing table should be soft or rounded.

In terms of size, it should be borne in mind that the newborn grows quickly and that buying a larger size makes perfect sense. Many models of this table can also be opened and disassembled. The changing table can later be used as a piece of furniture in the children’s room or serves as a work surface.

In order to prevent the baby or toddler from falling, borders of at least 20 centimeters on the sides and at the back end of the changing table are recommended. In general, the baby should not be left out of sight.


In Conclusion,

There is no doubt that a changing table, in addition to the cot, is a key element in any bedroom for the little ones in the house. The main reason we can give you is that from the birth of the baby, you will have to change about 2,500 diapers approximately, only in its first year of life. It is a compelling reason to have a comfortable, safe, and adequate space to carry out this mission in a simple way. This is why the greatest advantage of this furniture is the safety and well-being of both parents and children.



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