Tips for Buying Vertical Blinds

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The vertical blinds are the most trendy window accessory, which provides shade by running its slants and vanes upward or downward. Though the main reason for the popularity of these blinds is the coverage, they give to large windows. Whether you have sliding or luxurious bay windows, it prevents the passing of scorching heat.

The selection of right vertical blind is never a piece of cake due to the availability of a variety of designs, materials, colors, price ranges,.

Now, a question might be arising in your mind that what to look in vertical blinds? And this article is the perfect answer since it will explain the most imperative factors, which you should consider before purchasing them. 


  • Cost


Whether it is vertical blinds or any other thing, the first and most important parameter before a purchase is budget planning. You do not need to have a high amount to install these blinds. Instead, you can get customized blinds according to the amount of money you have.

The price of blinds depends on the size, style, and material used in it. Before giving the order of these blinds, it is necessary to measure your windows accurately. By planning all these parameters, you can save your time and some money also.


  • Style


In the present era, there are several designs and styles of vertical blinds available in the stores. You can choose the style of your choice according to the shape of the window, and the material you are about to use. A stylish blind can enhance the overall beauty of your windows, whether you look from the interior or exterior of the house.

The elegant and fascinating design is not only a treat to the eyes but useful as well. These blinds help in protecting the room from harmful UV radiation. You can disguise the hard frame windows with this blind because of the perfect design.



  • Color


Without any doubt, the first thing that the majority of people notice about furniture, windows, and the whole room is the color. No matter what design or material you are using, if your color choice is not right, the overall look of the blinds will disappoint you.

There are many factors which you need to keep in mind before selecting the blind color. You can choose the blind color according to the furniture, window size, styling, wall color, and the whole color theme of the room.

However, there is a general perception about the color blinds is 

Light colors: If you use light color blinds, it will provide a broad and more prominent look to the rooms and windows.

Brown family: The brown or caramel colors can make your windows look attractive and give a perfect warmth that your windows have been missing. These colors are the most popular ones and the best color option for the window blinds.

Bright colors: Some people like to give an artistic touch to their house infrastructure, interior décor, furniture, and even to the blinds of their windows. Although it is a quite risky choice because it may look fascinating or it can turn into a disaster, therefore, always make sure the color of blinds goes well with the whole theme of the house.

Dark colors: Those people who are obsessed with dark colors, they can like them, but a general thought about darks Coors is that they make the room look small. 



  • Size 


these customized blinds are available in a variety of sizes. They can cover small windows as well as large door-sized sliding windows. The accurate measurement of the window size is vital for installing the perfect blinds. Otherwise, either some area will be left passing the light rays, or the blind will be extra-large.


  • Material


The vertical blinds are made up of plenty of material, each having its pros and cons. The material selection can affect many factors like style, look, and price of the blinds. However, the two most commonly used materials are vinyl and aluminum.

If you are low on the budget, then vinyl should be your choice that gives a filtered effect; on the other hand, if you desire to invest in good quality material, then go with aluminum. This material provides complete shade and insulating properties during the summer, protecting the house from heatwaves.

If you are looking for blinds for areas like kitchen and bathroom, then plain roller blinds are perfect for such wet regions.   


  • Complimenting room décor


The primary purpose of these blinds is to act as a full or partial barrier against light and make the room warmth free. But no one can deny the fact that window treatments do accessorize and enhance the grace of the room. Hence, it is essential to select the blinds that complement the whole décor, including size, infrastructure, furniture, and color theme. 


  • Vertical blind placement


The placement of the vertical blind takes place according to the size of the room and window. If you have a small house with small windows, then the aperture of these blinds should not be wide because this will make your room even more trivial. 

When you have ample room with enormous windows, then you can order large blinds that can completely cover your windows. It makes your huge windows look more elegant and luxurious. 


  • Cleaning 


Before purchasing a window treatment, it is imperative to know about its cleaning routine. Since these blinds hang vertically, they are effortless to clean. You can use a brush, vacuum, or a damp cloth with vinegar on it and clean the blind occasionally.

The dusting routine will become more manageable if you close the blinds so you can do deep cleaning of each slat. When the cleaning of the first side is complete, you can turn around the blind to clean the other side.


  • Pairing blinds with curtains


There should be perfect harmony between the blinds and the curtains to give an extraordinary look to your room. 


  • Repair and maintenance


When you are planning to purchase things that can act as a long term investment, then you should always get a piece of precise knowledge about their repair and maintenance. The fixing is quick and cheap, but it is not that much easy as it sounds. Different parts like cords, slats, brackets, fasteners, and vanes that one can easily buy from the stores.



In the end, I would like to say that there is no doubt a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials available. While buying the perfect vertical blinds for your windows, do not go for the cheap options; instead, make quality your priority.



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