Are you Low CarBing? What to Get Your Sweet Heart on Valentines day

So My wife and I started a low carb keto diet just one week ago. There is no way I am going to be the one to mess it up. So I had to get creative with my gifts and plans.

Keto Valentines dinner plans

First off I’m planning Seafood. I went to Costco to get crab legs….holy cow Crab legs are 25 bucks apiece. Each one weighs a pound. Dang, I decided we might as well just go to Anthonys for dinner. Two crab legs a piece would be over 100 bucks so we might as well get fancy.

On to the best part

KeTo Valentines Day Chocolate Gifts

I found fat bombs and quest bars that are perfect for low carb and take the place of chocolates.

Next up-sweet headphones from Costco, a card from the store and a little creativity.

What do you think? It’s my Keto Valentines Gift

low carb gifts
Low Carb Heart 🙂


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