Why Metal Shaker Bottles are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I’m giving up on plastic shaker cups. I think they are made completely wrong and we are all a bunch of suckers for buying them.

Why you ask. Just take a look at the standard lid. They pop off while you are shaking them. The cheap flimsy ones may pop off even after you made sure to keep the lid held down.

A new kind of pop top lid
The solution is a screw top lid like coffee cups, but smaller. Why didn’t someone do this sooner? A screw-top lid prevents your concoctions you just shook up from painting your kitchen walls.

metal vs plastic blender bottles

Plastic can’t take too high of heat, you want to avoid the bottom of the dishwasher and it absorbs all odors and some colors. Sounds great. Why did we all buy these?

Metal Shaker cups

Some of these cups will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours. Superior construction, they can take high heat or keep your beverage cold, this means your metal mixing cup is now a sports water bottle or a coffee cup (when used without the lid)

The cups I like to come with a loop that you can use to hold on to or in my case I like to attach my bottle to my bag with a carabiner.

Indestructible metal blender bottles
Indestructible may be a little much, I mean is Iron Man indestructible? Here’s what I did to my metal water bottle and it still works great.

metal water bottle dentdented metal blender bottle

It was dropped about 8-10 times. I don’t remember exactly. I seem to have developed memory issues after a trip to the microbrewery. Then I apparently wanted to show off how my metal water bottle was amazing in every way and dr tested it a few times. Thank god my friends were there to see it and can remind me often of how awesome I was.

More importantly, how awesome the metal bottles are. Could a plastic pos take this kind of beating and still live to work the next day? I think not.

I use the metal shaker cup for everything, I use creatine, pre-workouts, protein drinks, and even coffee!

If your ready to move up into the most advanced metal water bottle shaker cup iron man like container ever. Check out what I use on Amazon Here


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