Protein Powder Shaker Cup – Why You Should Have One

There are many uses for a shaker cup in todays society. Popular among athletes and those involved in fitness, many individuals have a protein powder shaker cup. To increase one’s protein intake is a common goal for those who value nutrition and fitness for various reasons.

Why Do I Need Protein Anyways?

The goal of individuals that focus on a high protein intake is to build and grow muscle or in other words, create muscle hypertrophy. Muscle hypertrophy is a process in which your muscles grow larger due to activation from high protein levels. Basically, protein is key to help you build the muscle mass you require. Of course, you must also exercise and lift weights in order for this process to help your body grow.

If you are involved in athletics or have the goal of becoming stronger, making sure you receive the right amount of protein is key. For those that do not receive enough protein in the form of natural foods, people often turn towards having a protein powder shaker cup.

There are various kinds of protein powders on the market. All of which can be used in a shaker cup or blender bottle. See this For information on different kinds of protein

How Do I Use a Shaker Cup or Blender Bottle?


The process of using a shaker cup or blender bottle is quite simple. Depending on the amount of protein powder you scoop into your protein powder shaker cup, you will then add the amount of water stated in the directions for your brand. Often times you can experiment with the amount of water in each shake as have a thicker or lighter drink. The next step is to close the cover and shake it for 30-45 seconds as to ensure a smooth and non chunky drink. The process is easy, efficient, and anyone can do it.

From personal experience, I have found it useful to use a different bottle for the product you are mixing. For example, I have one protein powder shaker cup, one pre-workout shaker cup, and one aminos acids shaker cup.

After repeated use of a shaker cup it often begins to smell like the product you mix within. In my opinion, it is worthwhile to have multiple shaker cups as to avoid varying tastes in the shakes you create.

Why can’t I just use a glass and a spoon to mix protein powder?

You 100% can use a regular glass and a spoon to mix your protein shake.

HOWEVER, it is not as convenient or as efficient as using a cup designed specifically for the job.

It is convenient to have a shaker cup because you can take it anywhere you please! Many people bring their shaker cup and protein powder to the gym as to make a protein shake as soon as their workout has ended. The non-spill and non-leaking bottle will ensure your body gets its protein intake without making a mess on the go.

The quality of your shake will also taste much better if you use a shaker cup instead of a regular glass and spoon approach. Using a glass and spoon will almost certainly leave nasty chunks of powder in your drink. Nobody wants a protein shake that isn’t properly blended and smooth. With a shaker cup comes a metal ball that will help produce the smooth taste that won’t make you gag.

Make It Interesting!

Now that you understand the purpose of protein shakes and having a shaker cup, for everyones sake, MAKE IT INTERESTING!

By this, I mean why have a simple blue shaker cup. Or a simple green shaker cup. Find a shaker cup that represents you! Personally, I have a Chicago Cubs shaker cup and two cups with my favorite superheroes, batman and the flash.

You also could get a high-tech self mixing shaker cup. The choice is yours!

Life is too short to be simple. Change it up!

Convenient, Efficient, Progress!

After considering what you’ve read so far, let’s sum up why you should have a protein powder shaker cup.

First of all, it helps athletes and fitness crazed individuals reach their protein goals and thus helps build muscle.

Second, it is convenient and you can take a shaker cup anywhere, including to the gym!

Third, it is efficient as it only takes 30-45 seconds to form a smooth drink without many chunks.

Lastly, by having a protein powder shaker cup you also ensure that the nasty taste from your pre-workout, aminos acids or other shakes will not influence the taste of your protein shake.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions on your shaker cup needs, reach out and let me know!


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