Tips for Working Out While Wearing Glasses


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If you are a regular gym goer and a glasses wearer you have likely experienced the inconvenience of having to wear glasses while working out. Of course on a light lifting or meditation day this isn’t that big of a deal, but when you are doing cardio or some heavy lifting you can experience this inconvenience. During these activities you will likely sweat more, which can make your frames slip down your nose. Similarly, if you are more of a pilates, yoga, or kickboxing kind of person, the fast paced movement and complex positions can also pose a problem. Therefore, it may be time to look into some simple ways you can make wearing glasses while working out work better for you. 

Make Sure Your Frames Fit 


First and foremost, make sure your glasses frames fit. There are plenty of different sizes and styles of glasses available today that will fit your unique needs if you take the time to find them. 


When your frames fit properly, they are more likely to stay in place. If the current pair you wear tends to slide around while exercising, consider these two choices: shop for glasses using a home try-on service or head to your eye center for a proper in-store fitting to find a more contoured frame. This way, they stay tight around your ears and sit properly on your nose in most scenarios, which will help them resist slipping down from sweat.  


Better form fitting frames will also stay on better while performing other fitness activities, like field or court sports, biking, cross country running, and even jump roping. Never avoid certain activities in compromise for comfort again by finding the right frames for you. 

Use Nose Pads for Glasses 


If you find that your glasses are still slipping after investing in a more fitting pair it might be useful to apply nose pads to the inner lining of your frames. Nose pads will help your glasses frames grip to your face while you are working out. This is an ideal solution for people with narrow faces that might experience slipping no matter what the size of their frames are, on those overly sweaty days, and during high movement activities. You will no longer feel like you can’t push yourself your hardest or have to walk around with blurry vision because your glasses are slipping off. 

Pack Face Wash and a Cleaning Cloth 


When wearing glasses while exercising it is possible for sweat to collect under your frames, which is what makes them slip down. But this collection of sweat can also clog your pores around the bridge of your nose and on your temples. If your pores are continuously clogged with sweat and bacteria day after day you can develop oily skin, red skin, and acne. 


To combat this, make sure you bring face wash and a cleaning cloth with you to the gym to have readily available after your workout. Immediately washing your face and cleaning your glasses after a workout can help cleanse your pores and help you avoid any unwanted acne from developing around your frames.

Secure Your Glasses With a Strap 


If you are more of an intense trainer at the gym, in a class or on the field it could be beneficial to attach an eyewear retainer to the back of your frames, which holds your glasses more tightly on your head by connecting around the back of your neck. 


You can be confident that your glasses will fit more securely against your head when you are working out by wearing a lightweight, convenient, and durable Orbiter Eyewear Retainer. The best part about the retainer is that it is made of lightweight stainless steel, which means it will not get sweaty, smelly, or dirty while sitting around the back of your neck day in and day out. It can even be easily cleaned after working out along with your face and frames for maximum hygiene. 

Carry a Towel 


Although many gyms offer towel service, many people don’t use them. Carrying around a towel with you at the gym can allow you to wipe your sweat away as you workout. Catching your sweat around your face throughout your workout can help keep you dry inbetween sets, which will help your glasses stay put. If you don’t feel comfortable asking for a towel from your gym due to COVID-19 hygiene concerns, pack your own towel in your gym bag. Microfiber towels are super absorbent and can be really useful in a situation like this. 


Similarly, if you find it even more useful you can wear a sweatband around your forehead to catch the sweat before it even reaches your face and frames. This is a little more proactive and can help protect against sweat build up, slipping glasses, and the resulting acne all at once. 


Although wearing glasses while working out can be a little inconvenient at times, it shouldn’t keep you from the exercises and activities you enjoy most. Adopting a few simple solutions to keep your glasses in place while working out can help you be more efficient and confident at the gym.


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