Gym Motivation: How to Stay Dedicated

A lot of folks are stuck in the following scenario. If you will, play along. For months you have been wanting to finally push yourself enough to get in the gym and find a diet that works for you. You finally learned the importance of hitting your macros and your […]

Healthy Chocolate Shakes: Dutch Chocolate Shake Review

Product: Dutch Chocolate Shake Ready to Drink Price: $66.50 per case (24 shakes at $3.35 each) Where to Buy: Medifast Under Shakes Category Rating: 8.5/10 Description and Features Ready to Drink Dutch Chocolate Shake is a meal replacement protein shake. It is conveniently packaged and ready to go so that […]

What To Wear In the Gym. Beginners Guide: Does It Matter?

This topic of conversation is going to be an interesting one. The type of clothing that you wear in the gym shouldn’t matter to any other human being there. Of course, this is well within reason. Before deciding what you should wear to the gym, there are some things you […]

Using Weight Machines vs Free Weights- Which is Best?

It’s time to settle a huge debate. Which is better for me, weight machines or free weights? Will one give me better results? I’ve heard a lot of folks mention that they believe using weight machines is for elderly folks or those that aren’t real lifters. If you ever hear […]

How to Eat Fast Food On a Diet- 5 Steps to Treat Yourself!

A huge misconception within the fitness world is that you cannot ever enjoy yourself on your fitness journey. If you never allow yourself a treat, to go out with friends, or to enjoy a dinner at a nice restaurant, then you will most likely not be able to stick to […]

What Are Macros in Diet?- Help Your Body Lose Weight and Look Great!

What in the world are macros? Better yet, How can we shed light on this term that so many people didn’t know exists? For the longest time I had no idea what it meant to “hit my macros”. I had no idea how important it really is to understand and […]

Losing Weight Drinking Alcohol- IT IS POSSIBLE!

There are three must-know tips I tell people when they embark on this journey to slimmer waists and plumper muscles. Patience Consistency Enjoy Yourself First, is patience. Changing your body in a drastic way is going to take a lot of time, focus, and effort! Nobody ever became skinny overnight, […]

Homemade Protein Shake Recipe – My Favorite Go To’s

Hey everyone! Through my many years of fitness and nutrition I uncovered a huge problem. Many of the protein powders out there taste HORRIBLE. For the longest time many of the protein shakes I consumed left me unsatisfied and quite honestly, disgusted. Getting enough protein to fit your nutrition should […]

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