Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan- Tips to Help Shred Fat

Today, I am here to share one of the best diet hacks I have ever found. This strategy has helped me personally shred 10-15 pounds on my fitness journey. I use this strategy just about every single day. What is it called you ask? It’s called Intermittent Fasting. Not only […]

How to Exercise and Lose Belly Fat Fast- For Beginners

Many people have a common goal of wanting to lose weight as quickly as possible. People might be motivated for many different reasons. For example, Rachel has a wedding coming up and she wants to impress all of her family members that she doesn’t normally interact with except on holidays […]

Are Blender Bottles Microwave Safe? -What You Should Know

Hey folks! A big question I’ve been getting lately is, ” Are blender bottles microwave safe? ” The answer to this question varies across the internet and I am hoping to shed some light on the topic. First things first, it is important to always ensure your safety when putting […]

Homemade Protein Shake Recipe – My Favorite Go To’s

Hey everyone! Through my many years of fitness and nutrition I uncovered a huge problem. Many of the protein powders out there taste HORRIBLE. For the longest time many of the protein shakes I consumed left me unsatisfied and quite honestly, disgusted. Getting enough protein to fit your nutrition should […]

Protein Powder Shaker Cup – Why You Should Have One

There are many uses for a shaker cup in todays society. Popular among athletes and those involved in fitness, many individuals have a protein powder shaker cup. To increase one’s protein intake is a common goal for those who value nutrition and fitness for various reasons. Why Do I Need […]

About Russell

Hey Sports and Fitness Fans My name is Russell and I am a huge Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers fan! Through sports and fitness I have found what is most meaningful to me; creating a strong body and mind through exercise and nutrition. Those of you that share in […]